Thursday, 18 February 2010


When I was at school I remember being informed that more Americans die from vendingmachines falling on them than those killed by sharks. Upon researching this seemingly ridonculous statement it appears that basically in a twelve month period in america (obviously) two vending machines tipped over and killed two people whilst in the same time period noone was killed by sharks. So for anyone who does have a vending machine fear.....fear not!
Anyway because of this bollocky-bill story I now have a mild aversion to drinks machines. Everytime I go type in D42 or F39 I watch as the claw hesitates and I panic in a moment. "Oh fuck its doing to D45..... if I get blooming cherry cola it'll break my frickin heart". Its so funny that im now referencing this emotion cos it really is a strong heart almost misses a beat at the thought of not seeing my sprite can or my coke can clunk to the bottom of the retrieval drawer.

Anyway this is dedicated to The Drinks Machine. For killing people, causing heart palpitations and definitevely quenching thirst with aspertame. ( and I love the way the choocie ones swirl to deliver a Twirl....or a Kitkat etc......the image works better with a Twirl)

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