Friday, 15 July 2011


Finally finished. phew. And now? Off to a perve party in Wales, watch out sheep.

RookieCreative Launch- Portobello

With a necklace borrowed from Beyond the Valley and a race to upload new arrows and buttons the unicorns rushed form the Grove End Road kitchen to portobello in stupid shoes to a wonderful champagne reception to witness the chic, heeled and spectacled gather to celebrate RookieCreatives launch. A proud moment for me and Chloe.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

GROVE-END-ROAD== Home, Gallery,Theatre, Website

19th July 2011 come and witness me and Harriet try to orchestrate a night of fancy. A culmination of art, music and theatre. Me and Chloe at We Breed Unicorns decided to create a website for this pop up event.

Simple concept each colour represents a section and each coloured box links to that persons website its like a digital programme for each artist or performer.

Rookie Creative Website Complete

After months of planning, contemplation and late night working We Breed Unicorns finally has finished Rookie Creative. The creative portal belonging to Sacha Harrison is now up and running with interesting, insightful and comedic articles and interviews- skip to me being asked whether i'd prefer to eat Johnny Flynn or Laura Marling. Congratulations to Sacha and all the wonderful contributors on their amazing launch party and the amazing brins behnd the content of this site. It was a learning curve for all of us but we got their in the end. Click here to have a read.