Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The_Crawford _Technique

At my school up till the age of 18 I was in a boarding house named after the decorative and perfectly elaborate William Morris. I discovered him in the History of Art dungeon and from then on have been ever enamoured by his printwork and papers. Even now with all this technology that surrounds and absorbs us his work remains real and emotive...without vectors and layers.

When drawing of recent I've sat in front of my computer at my desk with my pens all in a pile to the left my a2 sketch pad landscape teetering on the edge of my desk in front of a certain movie that plays over and over. Helvetica_The Documentary...

Its not even that Im so in love with helvetica that I feel I need to be told about its history over and over I think its just the subtle hold that it has upon everyone and hearing people who I admire talking about Paula Scher and Steven Sagmeister.

Callum Crawford and His partner in crime Josh Whitaker (Students at UAL, St Martins and Wimbledon respectively) have been making work together for a while now and have finally opened up their world to us.....although so far I am the only follower.

This is the poster that I insist on getting a print of that they produced.

Callesens Cutouts

Kerensa enlightened me with the stunning work of Peter Callesen. Like him I believe in the motif that is 'a4 paper'-its a symbol of our society and yet so highly overlooked as a medium on which to create "serious art"
"I find the A4 sheet of paper interesting to work with, because it is probably the most common and consumed media and format for carrying information today, and in that sense it is something very loaded. This means that we rarely notice the actual materiality of the A4 paper."
I think im gonna give something like this a try over the weekend maybe with letter forms.....

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Cottage Collective

I've been in Australia seven months now and even though I love it here and I maybe might want to spend a few years exploring the industry my family and heart is in England. Ive become a positive happy person (its taken its time i tell you) so I've put an idea out there. On the waves of the world wide web I've merely suggested a plan. All I know is that life is simply too short to spend indoors, trying not to spend money, sitting on a computer all day emailing people job applications and pathetically desperate emails about "how passionate" we are...why not take a walk on the wild side, get back to basics and live a real life it the countryside in a mini community of our own.

Cooks, artists, photographers alike could all live and inspire together..we could have exhibitions and events to create an income for our living ...we could commute to city jobs.....we could have pets...grow vegetables.....get away from relying on things that mean nothing.

My plan is Cottage Collective. email me any thoughts

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Colour Me In All Wonderful

So..we have feedback....he loves them!

fuck! amazing feeling right there. ive just gotta make a few changes and colour them in photoshop etc and pop them onto a tee shirt template and then they go off to the decision makers to be considered.....

so here is coloured owl numero uno!


So finally after much cramming and stealing of time to squeeze in the designing of supposedly four teeshirts for LovePolice. I've finished three and sent them to Brian for him to deliberate. Im now working part-time at News Limited Australia so have been using my lunchbreaks and loo breaks practically to draw me owls and vessels.

Im worried as i think they are too fine to be screen printed and will have to be printed digitally which is gonna up the cost.....Im not feeling too positive at the moment but i put my heart and soul into them so im a crossing me fingers for a little miracle....imagine. festival goers decked out in my lines. (dreamy)

NB. Animal Collective are playing at Meredith Festival and one of their members Panda Bear is amazing (check out his song comfy in nautica, see below) and so on each of the owls i drew a tribute panda bear......for noah...he's called noah.....Noah Lennox:hes a harmony himself.

I'll keep updating this with my progress etc....but potentially v exciting.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

6 Degrees of What?

So irony and conicidence have come up to take a huge bite out of my rational mind in assuring that I carry on dreaming of the light at the end of the tunnel of unemployment. Im currently working on my t shirt designs for LOVEPOLICE but Brian yesterday informed me that he had to pop off to L.A. as one does to go to a gig. Now when I was studying graphics we had to design an album cover for any band, any single of course I chose the love of my life " Band of Horses". Their sweet melodies with romantic cushioning of guitar sounds just yummy down in my ears and make me feel quite golden.

So who is Brian off to see and "chill with"?....oh yes six followers, the band of hooves and manes.....the band of lovely horses themselves.

Now I'm not being presumptious here but lets say Brian mentions me to them ....we are talking six hot degress of insanely wierd seperation. I love the way the world decreases in size and magnitude as we age and become more decrepid.

This is the design I did for them way back when.

That is peace and harmony for me.......Im thinking a signed polaroid would be preety marvelous?

I'll keep yee posted on how the teeshirt designs come along just gotta find the lead for my camera!