Sunday, 15 November 2009

Cottage Collective

I've been in Australia seven months now and even though I love it here and I maybe might want to spend a few years exploring the industry my family and heart is in England. Ive become a positive happy person (its taken its time i tell you) so I've put an idea out there. On the waves of the world wide web I've merely suggested a plan. All I know is that life is simply too short to spend indoors, trying not to spend money, sitting on a computer all day emailing people job applications and pathetically desperate emails about "how passionate" we are...why not take a walk on the wild side, get back to basics and live a real life it the countryside in a mini community of our own.

Cooks, artists, photographers alike could all live and inspire together..we could have exhibitions and events to create an income for our living ...we could commute to city jobs.....we could have pets...grow vegetables.....get away from relying on things that mean nothing.

My plan is Cottage Collective. email me any thoughts

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