Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The_Crawford _Technique

At my school up till the age of 18 I was in a boarding house named after the decorative and perfectly elaborate William Morris. I discovered him in the History of Art dungeon and from then on have been ever enamoured by his printwork and papers. Even now with all this technology that surrounds and absorbs us his work remains real and emotive...without vectors and layers.

When drawing of recent I've sat in front of my computer at my desk with my pens all in a pile to the left my a2 sketch pad landscape teetering on the edge of my desk in front of a certain movie that plays over and over. Helvetica_The Documentary...

Its not even that Im so in love with helvetica that I feel I need to be told about its history over and over I think its just the subtle hold that it has upon everyone and hearing people who I admire talking about Paula Scher and Steven Sagmeister.

Callum Crawford and His partner in crime Josh Whitaker (Students at UAL, St Martins and Wimbledon respectively) have been making work together for a while now and have finally opened up their world to us.....although so far I am the only follower.

This is the poster that I insist on getting a print of that they produced.

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