Tuesday, 3 November 2009

6 Degrees of What?

So irony and conicidence have come up to take a huge bite out of my rational mind in assuring that I carry on dreaming of the light at the end of the tunnel of unemployment. Im currently working on my t shirt designs for LOVEPOLICE but Brian yesterday informed me that he had to pop off to L.A. as one does to go to a gig. Now when I was studying graphics we had to design an album cover for any band, any single band.....so of course I chose the love of my life " Band of Horses". Their sweet melodies with romantic cushioning of guitar sounds just yummy down in my ears and make me feel quite golden.

So who is Brian off to see and "chill with"?....oh yes six followers, the band of hooves and manes.....the band of lovely horses themselves.

Now I'm not being presumptious here but lets say Brian mentions me to them ....we are talking six hot degress of insanely wierd seperation. I love the way the world decreases in size and magnitude as we age and become more decrepid.

This is the design I did for them way back when.

That is peace and harmony for me.......Im thinking a signed polaroid would be preety marvelous?

I'll keep yee posted on how the teeshirt designs come along just gotta find the lead for my camera!

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