Friday, 25 May 2012

Poster for Jubilee Bake-Off

Beacause we are psyched for the long weekend. Because Peter Blake and Sagmeister turn me on and because I wanted to sit around piling together M n M's and eat lumps of marzipan. photographed each element individually then wrote dirrectly onto printout before scanning in.

Bussey Building Roof Painting with Fruit Palace

Love those Fruit Palace boys. Udi and Harry once again put on an epic night and me and Dani brought some folks down to paint live whilst the sun set over London. Bussey Building big up, it nearly beats Franks bar. And thats saying something. So much more to come with FP.

Fruit Palace

Philips Timeline Cover Photo Illustration

Art Direction/Illustration for Philips Facebook Timeline. Here.

Worked on this illustration for 3 days adding in all Philips iconic designs from the 60's through till today and Kelly sent me over a pair of citiscape headphone, thanks Kelly.

Working on the second on this week.