Friday, 28 September 2012

A Concrete Soap Dispenser

So this journey starts in a pub talking about concrete. this project is to design a concrete soap dispenser with the wonderful Oli O'Driscoll and of course Kate Bradbury. Lets seee what happens hey.

Poster for Calum

Calum, the Kasabian looking, skinny jeans wearing, bear growing hero that he is, is sadly leaving Iris so I made this poster for his leaving do later.

Friday, 21 September 2012

WIP Vector Illustrations for AQA

AQA the examboard who brought us limbo, limbo like me, needs theri new site and collateral printed artwork illustrated....we tried tesselatign classroom objects, jigsaw books, cogs (cos you gotta). Working with young creative team Claire and Elena on this so hopefully Staurday will be full of light and inspiration..... we've now moved towards an identity involving twisting threads representing teachers, AQA and students all working together to get through the A-level changes.

WIP Illustration for Domino's

Yep the Pizza lads want some gourmet illustations and an instagram app for their fb page. So this morning after collating their new list ingredients, I sketched all the elements, scanned it in, switech it into duotone with Dominoes blue and then in illustrater traced some fill shapes and added a grain texture to all of them before multiplying the shapes onto the background. 

 This is the completed set of illustrations for the Domino's Instagram App. Now its time to come up with the name for it....... 

Monday, 17 September 2012

Our Hackathon Weekend - Party in my Mailbox.

One weekend, two girls and two laptops later. From concept to creation, Party in my Mailbox was a collaborative project between me and Chloe Watts from Saturday to Sunday.. After going to Deconstruct in Brighton last Friday we decided it was time to start The Hackettes. Designers and developers together making stuff, pointless or puropseful. Partyinmymailbox is a service aimed at young creatives to help them get a personal email to match their site or blog.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Story of a Ring - From CSM degree show to my finger.

My first sketches that I sent to Kate.

Kates designs showing how we wanted a contrast between the gold and the concrete.

Off I went to the Central St Martins Degree show. I was anxious as I had left the same school 4 years ago but couldnt wait to see the new campus and meet people and see everyones work. I met Kate Bradbury there, a young jewellery designer who had made some amazing pieces combining concrete and gold. As I was walking out of the building in all its enormous glory I decided that I'd contact Kate and that together we'd make something. I sent her a few initial designs and she returned them with some further thoughts and a month or so later I have the most glorious ring made of concrete and yellow gold. 

Kate documented the journey for me so now I have these lovely photos of her process. From her studio to the "gold man" from pliers to a blow torch. Beautiful work. Thanks project...concrete soap dispensers...

Friday, 14 September 2012

Simply Innovate Posters

A quick task that we decided nned doing: collateral posters to invite students and inventors (even mumpreneurs, yep a real expression in the world of marketing)..

Monday, 10 September 2012

The Simply Innovate Movie

The final edit and we are pleased but there is a lot of improvement to be made for the next one.
The next one I think will involve a limited colour pallette and hopefully will invlove animals and forests.
So watch this space for more animations with paper.

Papercraft Animation for Philips

Coming soon is a paper animation me and Pete Brown have made for Philips Open Innovation Competition. Working with a hand on material like paper and then animating it digitally (Pete the hero) was a dream. Huge thanks to Kevin, Jo, Jane and the team at Philips for all your support on seeing through the project.

Instagram Mania for Washed Out

 I was asked by Washed Out and Philips to create a social campaign to launch their new site The Sound of Creation. Pulling nine quotes from each of the sections from the site I created nine visual posts that would be launched on the Philips Sound facebook page.