Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Story of a Ring - From CSM degree show to my finger.

My first sketches that I sent to Kate.

Kates designs showing how we wanted a contrast between the gold and the concrete.

Off I went to the Central St Martins Degree show. I was anxious as I had left the same school 4 years ago but couldnt wait to see the new campus and meet people and see everyones work. I met Kate Bradbury there, a young jewellery designer who had made some amazing pieces combining concrete and gold. As I was walking out of the building in all its enormous glory I decided that I'd contact Kate and that together we'd make something. I sent her a few initial designs and she returned them with some further thoughts and a month or so later I have the most glorious ring made of concrete and yellow gold. 

Kate documented the journey for me so now I have these lovely photos of her process. From her studio to the "gold man" from pliers to a blow torch. Beautiful work. Thanks project...concrete soap dispensers...

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