Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Identity and Icons for Philips Light Community

A little project to come up with a name, identity and icons for an inspirational PDF to send out to lighting deisgners for Philips Lighting Community.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

MonsterBuild at Tooting Market

This was the set that I drew to model from.

Heads, hands, feet, weapons, hills cloud and mountains. These guys had a ball!

I received a brief to pitch a  project to go up for one night in Tooting Art Market so I approached Kate Innes and Henry Fraser to assist me. We drew up an idea based around Kates final year project around monsters. I was keen for the project to be experiencial so we combined our visions to make monsterbuild- An interactive dressing up project which brings out everyones innerchild. Like a photobooth but more fantasy orientated. Our wonderful friend Henry Fraser came along to film the project and whist eh await for me to finish the credits for the mini movie here is the first edit.

Secret Garden Party for Fudge

Off I go complete with new Lumix/Leica Lens Camera
I painted Ionas hair the night before with Fudge paintbox pink flamingo.

These girls were fanatastic, bumbags n all. launches in September and I went to SGP to take some photos of the hair that attended. SGP is famous for its crazy dressers, catsuits, glitter and masks a plenty so off I went and between the mud romps and the dancing I managed to capture a few beauties. Watch out Brixton Village you're next!

The Bear and the Dinosaur.

I often forget how I need to keep drawing to stay sane and then suddenly I wake up weeks later and something is missing. It feels almost cyclical yet every time it happens I feel more ane more certain of what I love. This bear is the start of a new cycle  and next is a dinosaur that I'm doing for Orlando or T.E.E.D. More drawing, less thinking.

“To draw, you must close your eyes and sing.” — Pablo Picasso

Monday, 2 July 2012

Philips Timeline no 2

And here we have the second timeline photo for Philips, a more architectural response to sound which references the Philips Pavilion and the sharing capabilites of the philips Software through Spotify and wifi etc. Great fun to work with my watercolours again.