Saturday, 31 October 2009

Some Think Blue Tee Shirts

So I was approached by the ominous Kazim Kazim Kazim of Somethinkblue magazine to come up with some ideas for a capsule tee shirt collection. Thus far I think random blue items might look groovy like a plastic blue whale, a pot of blue ink or paint, a blue bottle fly.....etc..... but as the magazine has a new approach to zines I feel maybe I'm on the straight and narrow and am asking for a hurricane to sweep me elsewhere in ideas land. My great friend and partner in crime Jess Gough of flickr and platform fame is also in on the team so I'm hoping when I return for Christmas in the UK we can add idea generation to our list of knitting, unicorn hunting and drowning in herbal infused teas in the New Forest.

I'd love any inspirational ideas or motifs to sprinkle upon the subject.......I'm in the box. get me out.

Friday, 30 October 2009

My Tattoo Convention

I have forgotten the first time I used a soft liquid eyeliner to extend beyond my eye and to stroke animal markings around the right hand side of my face. For some bizarre reason at an age that falls short of my extensive memory this felt like the right thing to do. It became an alteregoistic part of me and despite my parents want to banish this ovebearing tattoo like mark it is something that has stayed with me. I've often thought of hanging outside tattoo studios begging to mop their floors in order to get a look in but after my friend Theo offered to buy me an antique tattoo gun and a dozen frozen turkeys I thought I better start getting some lines on some skin. So here in all its glory was a night devoted to Natasha Khan from Bat for Lashes and of course for the art that is dress up upon a halloween....

Thursday, 29 October 2009

My Journey into Music Graphics

So I came to Australia to start my career as designer/illustrator extraordinaire. ambitious? yep i think most definitely crazy....... I began to realise that this task was close to that of writing and publishing a novel with mild dyslexia. So thus far I've drawn my way into having the opportunity to design t shirts for Homebake Festival and Meredith Festival....I started by meeting with Warner music and then went onto meeting Brian Toranto, the genius that is LovePolice (see below)...they do the artwork for the likes of The Strokes, The Vines, Jamie T and many henny more....... The office is a humble creative space of ideas organised chaos and of course musicians, guitars and various items of music merch. So here starts my journey to achieve all that I can........ I will keep this updated with my progress....