Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas How-To Posts for Philips Lighting with Polkadotsundays

Oh Comely Magazine Arrive!

In the beginning there was Frankie and now there is Oh Comely.
With the same folksy approach to life, all things humble and all things pretty (made out of felt and handstitched). After I responded to a Facebook post, the team met me at my office to give me a free copy of this months issue, they papped me next to the cutout zebra, had a look around, photographed some of my paper models and that was that. Lovely to meet them all.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Street Challenges for Philips

Worked on these two little ideas for Philips to get people engaged with the brand at Christmas.
In an increasingly digital world are we beginning to lose sight of what real interation is?
For PhilipsSound we challenged people in Camden to try Philips headphones and if you think they're better than yours, then you can keep em. For PhilipsLighting we hit up Greenwhich market to Give Light Back this winter. Shorter days are now not so this space for our Christmas video... Its a jolly one.

Painting The Stones

 It was time. Time to stop thinking about paint and colour every night of every day.
I now have dreams and nightmares about not painting. Its a bit crazy but its true. So I started....and these guys helped me along...long may it last. Paint makes me euphoric.