Sunday, 18 April 2010

Kathy McGee | Goats and Coats

In early 2009 I completed an internship at Christopher Raeburns studios in Hackney ... "studios" being an old peanut factory. Rad. Raeburns work is constructed predominantly from old army parachutes layered and tailored into beautiful translucent style coats and macs. My pattern cutting buddy was my dear friend Kathy. We became friends and spent hours leaning over scissors and chalk discussing our dreams of one day having a goat farm where we would live off the land. We also planned a little collaboration for a print ....the idea was based around designing little motifs for things that we find wholly satisfying such as popping bubble wrap and using scissors that slide accross wrapping paper in a fell swoop. The now infamous Slippery Cut. Kath was in her second year at LCF and up until now I'd never seen any of her work. Today is the day and bloody hell surpassed yourself. Elaborate tailoring with soft feminine shapes bubbled and layered like soft playdough sculptures. Whimsical wonders. High five Kath!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Friday. Hello.

Friday was gradient day. And with this came a tribute to that huge frickin volcanoe as well as my ongoing and markedly growing obsession with stuffed animals. And that does not refer to animals after greedily eating...the real deal.....Its got to the stage where Im watching instructional videos on youtube. "How to stuff and mount a duck" -taking away the sexual connatations, a most inviting "How" for me at the moment.

MTV is a dream. It's all ideas, laughter and sweet computer skills....I have remained a timid version of myself but also remain inspired to the max. Its ideas central up in the office, young minds and crazy ideas bounce off the walls on an hourly basis and I'm literally the sterotypical "This is a bloody dream" kid ........So....I'm back there next week and long may it last. Big up to Sven and Marina....oh and Jess for her sweet tablet skills.

Thought of the day: Roller Derby beckons, last night rain plus roller skates and a shopping trolley = roller derby practice and water fountain dancing.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Another little project for China Gorilla who are launching a new night called Pandora. I started with boxes of hope, boxes and boxes all in crazy perspective but then I sort of changed tack and decided to pair a traditional but sort of odd drawing of pandora with an acrylic box behind some groovy type that I drew with pen and then pentooled.
So here we have the hairy boxed naked Pandora twins........I think its kinda groovy but maybe its a tad rustic for a bassy club night.....hmmm....I ponder.....ooh and maybe the little typography horns are too supositary like...ouch?

Monday, 5 April 2010

Monday : A gig at MTV and the drawing of drug drealers

So after returning from Melbourne last night I pootled off to my interview this morning at MTV to try and fuse my on going obsessive nature surrounding sound and images and it went swimmingly, like tadpoles it was a joy. Awesome open plan work spaces with kooky hanging objects and a mahoosive spongebob square pants...Next week I start! super! There was a mention of group brainstorming which had me grasping at the bit.....
On return A story landed on my doorstep from SomethinkBlue and my task was to depict a blue and a yellow here's mr blue........which coincides with any "Monday Blues" people may be having.... oh and with the super blue dress I'm wearing courtesy of Caterpillar Quinn.

PS. Melbourne/Underwater photos coming soon.....

PPS. Bought a lomo/Gotta learn how to use it cos I'm a lamo with my lomo....

PPS..........Dennis Hopper is todays hotness.