Sunday, 18 April 2010

Kathy McGee | Goats and Coats

In early 2009 I completed an internship at Christopher Raeburns studios in Hackney ... "studios" being an old peanut factory. Rad. Raeburns work is constructed predominantly from old army parachutes layered and tailored into beautiful translucent style coats and macs. My pattern cutting buddy was my dear friend Kathy. We became friends and spent hours leaning over scissors and chalk discussing our dreams of one day having a goat farm where we would live off the land. We also planned a little collaboration for a print ....the idea was based around designing little motifs for things that we find wholly satisfying such as popping bubble wrap and using scissors that slide accross wrapping paper in a fell swoop. The now infamous Slippery Cut. Kath was in her second year at LCF and up until now I'd never seen any of her work. Today is the day and bloody hell surpassed yourself. Elaborate tailoring with soft feminine shapes bubbled and layered like soft playdough sculptures. Whimsical wonders. High five Kath!

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