Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Adverts for News Limited Australia

Whilst working for News limited in Sydney I was lucky enough to design a range of adverts for the mX Reader survey. I came up with the concept and my designs so I gavc myself a little high five and was thrilled that the readership is mahoosive : "mX now offers a national reach of 743,000 people" daily.


Whilst in Sydney Australia I was working as an Art Director for the print adverts for the launch of the new MTV channel "MTV Classic". The whole process was something that was fairly new to me but what a frickin ball it was. Design heaven opened its arms to me and we had such a sweet time with concepts, poses and the general look of the ads. We wanted to recreate the typical 80's ads by making them look gimmicky and fairly cringe. I was given total artistic license and loved every second. Boom!

Saturday, 14 August 2010


So. The time has come. The ultimate test. The ultimate victory is at my door...maybe.....maybe tucked away and maybe hidden in the depths of somewhere non existant. Today it begins.
I am not a zine collector in fact I'd even go as far as to say I'm not a magazine collector but oh how a beautiful one pleases me. It'll slip into my hands, largen a smile and will of course (with pride) become part of something larger, something heap of stuff and things. Which, to most, may seem a clumsy heap, a hugel cumpsy heap, a huge clumsy heap of surperflous pandamonium. But to me that heap, those stuffs are the things that have made it, made it to the top. My goal from here, is to create something for someone elses heap. I wanna be King (Queen) of the heap.

Together with Jess Gough we hope to conquer margins, battle the slugline and pillage layout and photo content.

Together for PLATFORM, we will march triumphantly. Ps Jess and I are both still walking in books broken and ashamedly stuck with super superglue. ( She ponders, after slowly but poignently underlining her new handrawn title in her new sketchbook: "Research" )

Friday, 6 August 2010

Make Plans.

'Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans' - John Lennon

John, you are a wonder but I'm not down with this one. Looking back on summers past I recognize a trend in the period between June and September. It goes something like: "woops forgot to book that" followed by "yeah maybe" and then after a lovely family stint to Greece where you inevitably don't achieve the tan you were aiming for you look over your shoulder, sigh and think "I wish I'd made more plans".

I, like most, value spontaneity highly and would reward anyone who would describe their life as being wholly spontaneous but I'd also think they were a stinky liar and properly harbor various atoms of jealousy. I find that a variety and experience comes from planning ahead.

Lesson 78. Definately make plans, stick to them, experience them and document them. Sweet.

Rookie Logo

Sacha Harrison has taken on the task of setting up a new blog which will provide readers with both written and visual content and I offered a hand with providing a friendly but tangeable logo. Oh and I also delved into pepper and sand to speak.

Check out the blog in its early stages of development

Gottboat Logo

A wee logo rework for the Gottwood boys and a complete change of scene. Hundreds of people flocked onto the Battersea barge to experience quite a different Gott experience. Gone were the cliffs and rolling Anglesey hills and in were the lapping tides of the Thames and well, a double decker boat basically. From Owly to Boaty.....a difficult task......finally complete.


Once again China Gorilla opens its doors to you and this time we're talking space ape. After a rather exhilarating cinema trip to see Toy Story 3 I thought lets illustrate a pimped gorilla in an astronaut suit and give him a bit of extra d.

Define Festival.

Festivals mean detaching our minds from reality, "losing yourself in the music" and essentially pushing your own boundaries whether with or without a little chemical push, right?

Festivals and Britain skip proudly hand in hand. Through fields of green these gatherings give us and our landscape purpose and a right to party. They are the forefront of eccentricity and creativity and therefore we keepa cummin back, but is 'festival-fever' really creating what it sets out to or is it in fact detaching people from reality. Is 'the surreal' another drug which people get overly consumed by?

As long as you have the unity, da music and a onesie then basically a festival is born. An open mind and honest heart and kapow heaven is yours to be taken. ( I also think comedowns should be abolished and fun-ups should be instated cos I swear theyre a made up thing for reality-haters).