Friday, 6 August 2010

Define Festival.

Festivals mean detaching our minds from reality, "losing yourself in the music" and essentially pushing your own boundaries whether with or without a little chemical push, right?

Festivals and Britain skip proudly hand in hand. Through fields of green these gatherings give us and our landscape purpose and a right to party. They are the forefront of eccentricity and creativity and therefore we keepa cummin back, but is 'festival-fever' really creating what it sets out to or is it in fact detaching people from reality. Is 'the surreal' another drug which people get overly consumed by?

As long as you have the unity, da music and a onesie then basically a festival is born. An open mind and honest heart and kapow heaven is yours to be taken. ( I also think comedowns should be abolished and fun-ups should be instated cos I swear theyre a made up thing for reality-haters).

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