Saturday, 14 August 2010


So. The time has come. The ultimate test. The ultimate victory is at my door...maybe.....maybe tucked away and maybe hidden in the depths of somewhere non existant. Today it begins.
I am not a zine collector in fact I'd even go as far as to say I'm not a magazine collector but oh how a beautiful one pleases me. It'll slip into my hands, largen a smile and will of course (with pride) become part of something larger, something heap of stuff and things. Which, to most, may seem a clumsy heap, a hugel cumpsy heap, a huge clumsy heap of surperflous pandamonium. But to me that heap, those stuffs are the things that have made it, made it to the top. My goal from here, is to create something for someone elses heap. I wanna be King (Queen) of the heap.

Together with Jess Gough we hope to conquer margins, battle the slugline and pillage layout and photo content.

Together for PLATFORM, we will march triumphantly. Ps Jess and I are both still walking in books broken and ashamedly stuck with super superglue. ( She ponders, after slowly but poignently underlining her new handrawn title in her new sketchbook: "Research" )

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