Sunday, 24 January 2010

House vs Home

As I'm so frickin far away from home and all that I know to be familiar I find myself asking myself what home actually means in relation to the place where you dwell. I've lived in thenumerous houses/dwellings... ( I'm an avid fan of lists and this is a list i have not yet made,bare with me, insert personal excitement here)...I wonder how many houses have felt like homes.....
1. Chapel House, Baughurst
2. Cherwell House, Dragon School, Oxford
3. Morris House, Marlborough College, Wilts.
4. Cheney Student Village, Oxford Brookes
5. 19 Balantine Street, London
6. St Marys Road, Oxford
7. Furzedown Halls, Tooting, UAL
8. 20 Rosary Gardens, London
9. 25 Spencer Road, London
10. Glenayre Avenue, Bondi, Sydney
11. 227 Crown Street, Darlingurst, Sydney
12. 102 Pitt Street, Surry Hills, Sydney
....a nostalgic experience. This notion has only started growing in my mind since I've been "missing home" and I guess a house never makes a home, its the a lunchbox never makes the lunch...kinda thing...maybe this excercise was superflous in my understanding of my life and where my home is....but hey, another list completed!


Now an official member of the CG team I feel it time to post a little of my mentality on the philosophy involved in his exciting venture lead by Monsieur Stevie Thomas.

I approached Stevie on a purely cringe basis when I saw him on Shipwrecked and thought "hey you know this guy may be a tad poshy mc posh but he's got it all going on upstairs etc" so lame old Ocki emailed the poor fellow to inform him of my admiration..... a few years down the line I'm now working with him as le artiste hoping to change the world of the party and we hope that worl domination is on the cards.....

"We want to create this kind of comfortable clubbing; a late night bar/club where you can kick back and have a chin wag without having to stand in a toilet corridor to hear one another, yet still get up and have a quick gurn to a phat tune."


...with the website on its way and new things and events round every corner ChinaGorilla is something i'm big into...check out the link below for more info.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Bluto vs King Charles

Bluto is big into garage. now personally I don't even really know what that means but I know that its likely that folk lover me is unlikely to find a happy medium with the grungy sounds of the british garage scene.

Whilst leaving my house we'd discussed how listening to music you dislike is worse then eating food you hate. ie I think I'd rather eat coriander all day than listen to bad drum and bass all day........etc

It was on a road trip to Bristol that I was faced with the prospect of popping on a CD that I had made for my sister and off we went. Now on occasion I do personally suffer from music timidness and knowing I had a music mad dj in the back made me hesitant to put on my folk dream playlist.......but born from folk...... came something better.....



me and my "galpal" "bezza" "homie" were dancing away in the front pretending to be from a woodstock era of free love and hand movements giggling and chanting melodically as we sailed down the M4. Meanwhile the ominous Bluto was plotting.....

Later that day I recieved an email and a link...... the beauty is in the moment of difference and the conjunction of ideals. Watch this space.


I thought I'd do a piece of artwork to sslot into my Itunes "album artwork" section.

Snow Far Away