Sunday, 24 January 2010

House vs Home

As I'm so frickin far away from home and all that I know to be familiar I find myself asking myself what home actually means in relation to the place where you dwell. I've lived in thenumerous houses/dwellings... ( I'm an avid fan of lists and this is a list i have not yet made,bare with me, insert personal excitement here)...I wonder how many houses have felt like homes.....
1. Chapel House, Baughurst
2. Cherwell House, Dragon School, Oxford
3. Morris House, Marlborough College, Wilts.
4. Cheney Student Village, Oxford Brookes
5. 19 Balantine Street, London
6. St Marys Road, Oxford
7. Furzedown Halls, Tooting, UAL
8. 20 Rosary Gardens, London
9. 25 Spencer Road, London
10. Glenayre Avenue, Bondi, Sydney
11. 227 Crown Street, Darlingurst, Sydney
12. 102 Pitt Street, Surry Hills, Sydney
....a nostalgic experience. This notion has only started growing in my mind since I've been "missing home" and I guess a house never makes a home, its the a lunchbox never makes the lunch...kinda thing...maybe this excercise was superflous in my understanding of my life and where my home is....but hey, another list completed!

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