Sunday, 24 January 2010


Now an official member of the CG team I feel it time to post a little of my mentality on the philosophy involved in his exciting venture lead by Monsieur Stevie Thomas.

I approached Stevie on a purely cringe basis when I saw him on Shipwrecked and thought "hey you know this guy may be a tad poshy mc posh but he's got it all going on upstairs etc" so lame old Ocki emailed the poor fellow to inform him of my admiration..... a few years down the line I'm now working with him as le artiste hoping to change the world of the party and we hope that worl domination is on the cards.....

"We want to create this kind of comfortable clubbing; a late night bar/club where you can kick back and have a chin wag without having to stand in a toilet corridor to hear one another, yet still get up and have a quick gurn to a phat tune."


...with the website on its way and new things and events round every corner ChinaGorilla is something i'm big into...check out the link below for more info.

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