Thursday, 6 May 2010

Sydney Reminiscing

So here I am at Singapore airport with a vodka and tonic to my right and far too much hand luggage to possibly equate to the 7kg allowance each person is allocated. In a vacuum of sadness and excitement for the future I find myself relating all to much and more than ever to articles and music and films I have fueled my brain with for the last eight hours. Hot Chip - No Fit State, a Frankie article about capturing happiness and then a rather extraordinary documentary on family with a sweet soundtrack by Ziggy Marley, his mum and his sister.

All I can do when leaving is look back and smile upon the amazing times I've had and hope that like every year I can keep learning and keep experiencing change in myself and in the things that I do and achieve. I feel pride, which is a feeling in between excitement and confidence....pride with lashings of satisfaction and a cemented belief that I will continue to have a jolly old time. This is a notion, mind, that has not always swarmed my heart. That all too familiar feeling of dread and fear is now only a fragrance to the former feeling.

I think I might have left my heart in Sydney but hope that I will build a new one for London and home. Home has always been a huge paradox to me as it's essentially the place I long for but also a place that defines me without me really being there at all. To return to it will in itself bring a joy of its own as I now have stories and tales and songs and pictures to illustrate the almost perfect year that I have had.

Top 10 moments (in no particular order)

1. Climbing the walls at Laneway Festival, getting stuck on the roof and arrested.
2. 80's skate night in Melbourne Town - and my sweet skating tattoo transfer prize.
3. Dancing to the whistle song and singing Miley Cyrus with Mills.
4. Absynth and karaoke.
5. Tiny Stadiums Festival and that crazy walking tour where you clap skip and jump.
6. Frasier Island the five minutes with manta rays, sharks and whales
7. Semi Permanant and not going to the gym with Jonald and Cat
8. Wrong prom - all the boys in all my dresses
9. Orbital and Polyphonic spree at Playground Weekender
10. Daniel Johnston at the metro after watching his DVD.

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