Thursday, 5 November 2009


So finally after much cramming and stealing of time to squeeze in the designing of supposedly four teeshirts for LovePolice. I've finished three and sent them to Brian for him to deliberate. Im now working part-time at News Limited Australia so have been using my lunchbreaks and loo breaks practically to draw me owls and vessels.

Im worried as i think they are too fine to be screen printed and will have to be printed digitally which is gonna up the cost.....Im not feeling too positive at the moment but i put my heart and soul into them so im a crossing me fingers for a little miracle....imagine. festival goers decked out in my lines. (dreamy)

NB. Animal Collective are playing at Meredith Festival and one of their members Panda Bear is amazing (check out his song comfy in nautica, see below) and so on each of the owls i drew a tribute panda bear......for noah...he's called noah.....Noah Lennox:hes a harmony himself.

I'll keep updating this with my progress etc....but potentially v exciting.

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