Saturday, 13 February 2010

Snail Mail

Rarely upon rarely do we go to the unbelievable effort of use the now foreign pen and paper to communicate. Post-its are as tactile as it comes for us tyoing robots. We hammer out words and phrases willy nilly all day......all day with little thought...well maybe not little thought but with ease anyway. I mean, an email or a posting is easy at the best of times. Keeping skype dates is the next level of commitment and the holy grail of perfect communication is the letter and its darling cousin the parcel. Upon a Thursday this week i received my second parcel since moving out here and the joy that lead me to physically skip up Pitt St is like no other.

The weight, the layered stickers, stamps and slightly smudged handwriting. " Ooh" she thinks, "Which end to open, which end". Upon opening such a gift the pieces roll out and paper unfolds. My darling sister Ally has sent me heaven in a vessel.

1. A poem called "PIGS" about flying cows and faeces
2. Black leggings
3. Butterfly earing studs-beautiful
4. A beautiful headscarf ( from a real vintage shop, as she highlighted profusely)
5. Marmite- to compete witht the Vegemite fans here...the only reaction I've got thus far has been "mmmmm yeasty"
6. Mini eggs- which me and my roomate inhaled upon an instant.

So in return I've sent her the most bursting bundle of joy and will send it tomorrow out onto the sea by seamail.

So this is me supporting snail mail and saying " I know its a hassle, all the bits are so tricky to sort out (envelopes, stamps etc ) but if you make the effort its a symbiotic brilliance and almost now an art form. You can enclose music images textures and thoughts and you dont have to cut and paste any links from youtube. So please indulge in Parcel Constuction and support Snail Mail.

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