Thursday, 18 February 2010

Today I'm Dressing Up

Its fallen upon me to once again make myself look as foolish as possible in light of attending a dress up festival. I love to dress up. I love everything about it. The newness and foreign feel of the viscose materials on your skin, the colours you get in photos and the new persona you seem to carry along with your cape wig or mask. Dressing up, I feel, is seen as play, as a jovial game that accompanies, more often than not, the art of self intoxication and general tom-foolery, but for me it feels like luxury, like a treat..... it's like shopping on Diagon Alley...its not quite real.

Kate Bush and Natash Khan both look to costumes and fancy dress as a way of reliving their childhood and keeping in touch with their nostalgia. They use dress up to illustrate different people within their own personalities. Their sudonyms Babooshka (Kate) and Pearl (Natasha) represent themselves in a new light and I guess for me its the same.

So, at lunch, I'm off to "Snog the Frog" to find me a costume and a sudonym.

photographs by Pamela Klaffke

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