Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Subbuteo at The Free Studio

Once again, Callum Crawford and Josh Whitaker triumph at creating something simple and brilliant. I am no art critic, they wouls both tell you that, as my knowledge and art history is comparably abismal in the shadow of theirs. There's just something about the work that they do that makes you take them seriously and makes you wanna say "hey so lets go to the pub and you can tell me all about it until the sun rises"....cos i guess for me it seems like a pure sense of something born out of thought and there's never any bullshit....and there is pleee henty of that around....
This is there three sided Subbuteo game. I'm not going to going into metarphores cos I'd be assuming. All I can say is its a beautiful piece of work, immaculate, complex I'm sure, yet simple to behold.

Check out their blog for past and upcomign works: http://thefreestudio.blogspot.com/

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