Tuesday, 16 February 2010

"Lets Do Real Stuff"

So basically, I, like many, am easily installed like any computer programme on my laptop. Sit, type, link, new tab, watch, laugh, click etc. Guilt and consciousness are only ever realised as soon as get my eyes are removed from the hot screen. And now with a bunch of the gee stuff (thats guilt) I've decided formally to uncomplicate and just do more, i vow to do more away from anything that has a web address.

Last night I went to an outdoor cinema in Centennial Park, Sydney, and I became aware that life has gotta be about doing. right? I made a pact to never say no to an opportunity upon watching 'Yes Man' in May 2009 but along with that I've made a new pact to get up and do stuff every evening. Even if its to make a paper airoplane to have a throwing competition.

Whether its a casual game of scrabble, buildin a den or going on an outing I think we've gotta do more and if we all do more then maybe we'll conterract the new gravity we've developed-a monitor based gravity-and reach out to things with tactile qualitys.

I am painfully aware of my youth and even more aware of the thought of wasting it.


1. Bake a cake -decoration is the most sublime form of happiness

2. Go somewhere new- take a camera and a friend and just go find a new place (I found Narnia yesterday- coming soon...)

3. Write a poem - Pick two random objects and write a poem about them

4. Buy a throw away camera- The spontaniety and beauty in the process. Throwaways will proceed that of a digital forever. plan not. snap a feeling (and when you get them deeveloped get them 4x6 with white borders plus a disc)

5. Speak to someone you wouldnt normally- In a taxi, on a street, in a bookshop. I find if you invite conversation or innitiate one you'll take something away from it.....I reckon every person you meet has the ability to teach you something.

6. Have a Garage Sale Car Boot sale - Noones ever got enough money anymore and we all have way to much "stuff" so stop saying you'll put it on ebay or take it to a charity shop geta few friends make some tea and cakes and invite people to pay for your hand me downs. (102 Pitt Street Sale coming soon ft artwork, pizza, kissing booth, clothes, and shoes)
7. Scrabble - a nessecity for the 2010 do-er!

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