Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Meaning of Life

Me and my flatmate have been sporadically discussing the meaning of life and this morning, whilst struggling to paint my nails at all well, it came to me. Its Love, right? I mean come on, seriously, you dont need to be a balding grey haired academic with a colourful waistcoat to work it out......Its the reason and being of everything....the reason why we sing, why we wear mascara, why we ice a cake and why we feel guilt.

The only reason we do things or atleast the only reason I do things is for this totally intangeable ominous thing. Whatever I do, wherever I go I always feel like I'm on my way to it. Maybe, in fact, the life that I live in loves shadow is making me the doormat upon which he dusts off his feet.

I recently lost a friend. I wanted her to fight for our little love....our friend love....but she didnt.
I recently lost a friend. I wanted her to make a surprise picnic and play me all our favorite "us" music....but she didn't.
I recently lost a friend....I lost a friend cos she let me and my little love thing down.....and it sucks bum to be honest!
I love too hard and I think I might be suffocating it.

Illustrative photographs by Kerensa Purvis

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