Thursday, 4 February 2010

Daniel Johnston | The Metro, Sydney

I'd discovered him somewhere back in early 2009. I was on the train and "Happy Time" came on from the film Kids and I remember just being enchanted by the sense of naivity on top of his agonisingly heartfelt and accomplished lyrics. He sounded crazy, he was crazy he is crazy. But crazy is beautiful.
After going on and on about my latest discovery one night, my dear friend Cecilia told me about a DVD, about his artwork, about his insanity and about his tapes. I watched it on Sunday and my allegiance was confirmed. His recurring themes, his manic mind, his pure heart. I had to see him...properly
So off I popped down to the Metro in Sydney, a common haunch for music lovers and general trendy folk all round. The levels of asymmetry in hairstyles blew me away as ever. I'm just a sheep after all. Next? A black out. Everyone out. "Onto the streets with you you raggamuffins". So in the rain we waited, ps I had faith a burning. always.
We piled in, chose our positions. Me behind the tall scary dude with long flicky locksome hair and Mitch next to the slow clapper (bastard man). He came on and silence hit the floor. The rumble tumble man that was dressed in a cowboy hat and an australia t shirt stood infront of some trippy projection and the night was born. Coloured lanterns hung above his head and I was totally there, hanging on every word. His mismatched chords and hokey pokey rythms tumbled in sarcasm and self loathing.
When you believe every lyric and you know every feeling they sing so darkly of, you cant help but fall ever so partmentally in love, right? I mean I am permantently leaning down to my new bike and saying, as I tap it softly on its crisp metal hubcaps "Speeding motorcycle, won't you change me? In a world of funny changes"
Devil and Daniel Johnston Trailer :
True Love Will Find You in the End :

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