Sunday, 14 March 2010

Youth : The Adventure Playground

Never have I felt more aware of the power of my youth. Today, and for a while, the thrill of the future and its possibilities consumes me. I'm young and brave and I can do anything.....I think....Thats not to say I'll achieve anything measureable...such as a super salary, or a man who loves me or even a gorgeously deep tan. But suddenly the things that I've always wanted, those tangeable things, seem like accessories to the greater picture. The picture of life, experience, adventure and independence.
I may be spntaneous and make rash decisions fuelled by misjudgement and riddled with chaos but For the moment I think thats ok. I'd rather be bold, be wild and make the mistakes I know that I'll learn from. I believe in escaping the norm in order to learn how ones norm in the future will be. Today I feel like a crusader, an explorer and a soldier.
I went to see Alice in Wonderland last night.........I think I've been laterally inspired.

I love dungares, always have always will.

"You're bonkers! But do you know what? All the best people in the world are."
-Alice in Wonderland

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