Monday, 8 March 2010

Todays Nostalgia

One song makes it come rushing back. One song can make your body flood with clarity. You'd forgotten about the castle in the woods but now its clear as day. The water, the softness of the ground and the way we walked in silence for hours upon the path. I never wanted to say anything, I always say I was silent but silence seems involuntary. I was quiet because nothing needed to be said. This morning I was worrying about the red stains on my new dress from the water bottle I spilt in my handbag but now I just remember.

I dont remember the happiness you talk of now, you never said anything. You thought I was odd but it didnt matter we sat for hours anyway, thats what I remember. We were stoned for those memories. Thats definately true. Stoned and silent which makes me wonder whether it was real. It seemed perfect. Perfect on that hill, perfect by the docks, perfect in the awnings of that tent and perfect in diagonal under the beams. I dont think I've ever had a friend like you.

You're a dear dear friend and today I miss you, I'll be home soon.

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