Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Suddenly Drop shadows aren't so Bad.

I went to Semi Permanent this weeekend and heard a young New Yorker talk about her passion for typography and Illustraion. Jessica Hische uses shadows to create depth and warmth in her friendly looking illustrations. This is the first time I've ever emulated somone else in creating an image...on purpose I mean.....and ooh I think its just delightful. Cut outs are my cryptonite so creating them without slicing my fingertips off with razord blades is a high five absolutely. Drop shadows are normally a no no in most aspects of what I try to do but today..I feel reborn....

So Im off to Glastonbury when I get home with a troop of funsters to go and jolly up a region of the magic...and we will be called The Villagers.....this is my first go at creating a logo that says youth joy and play.....It defo needs refining....ie all the lines are so jaggedy jack.

Over and Out.

Check out Jessica Hisch : www.jessicahische.com

post script. Jessica has a tattoo of cmyk and her web designer boyfriend has rgb...both in the coloured cirles......arrrggghhh....I nearly orgasmed......

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