Monday, 8 March 2010

Chuck Anderson

So I dont really suffer from jealousy, but when it comes to drawing, typography or general creation of images I am a green eyed monster sponge.
Last night I was shown a book by the young legend: Chuck Anderson. born in 1985.....yes he's twenty frickin four! His psychadelic trippy images use patterns, silhouettes and heavily hand drawn illustrations are saturated in colour and vibrance. He combines his abilty to draw on paper beautifully with his abilities on the computer. His compositional skills are immacualte and his abilty to balance the numerous componants that make up his work.
He's done alot of work for brands and bands such as Lupe Fiasco, Mountain Dew, Nike and Adidas. You Chuck, have made me see that I need to get an agent! So when I get home I'm going agent shopping..........FUCK ...24......better get my ass in gear.....

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