Wednesday, 6 October 2010

My New Home

Upon arriving back to London I set out various goals and wrote various wish-lists or, I guess, to-do lists. I decided that a festival filled summer followed by a job would nicely cushion my idea of moving into a creative flat-share.

A few weeks after summer closed its gates and onesies and flower garlands were lying desolate and strewn through the darks of various cupboards, winter once again, two years later, has reared its little head. Umbrellas are carried and shoes get soggy but the warmth of coffee and the warmth of London heating keeps me warm.

My 'Winter Task' is now, to fill the seven bed mansion we have signed for and crikee, what a task this is proving to be.

We've met photographers, fim makers, art directors, motorbike designers, shoe designers, students and moustached men. With the move in on the horizon, nails are being bitten and character judgement has never, I repeat, never been so very very difficult.

The Housegasm, all 4000 sq/ft of it, is happening. Atlast.

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