Sunday, 21 June 2009


FUCK ME SHES MY DREAM.....kate moross illustrating dream.....when i get all my work looking ace of spades im gonna go find kate! a date with kate! shes 21 and shes already done a capsule collection for topshop she done illustrative graphic design for  cadburys and nike etc and shes still going, raw passion and a bit of grit. she worked with the klaxons, directed the majority of simeon mobile discos videos and not only does she make me wet my pants for the enthusiasts out there but i also think she really holds a strong burning hot freekin torch for YOUNG LONDON! check out her website and videos of her and her work...prepare to feel lame and unachieving....oh and if you see her ever like in the street or buying pens....tell her im coming to get her.....

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